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If you feel emotionally unwell, experiencing depression, thinking about self-harm or experiencing self-harm, or just need to speak to someone about how you are feeling, we can help.


We offer 1:1 and group counselling for BAMER women, aged 14+, who have experienced domestic violence and abuse.


We are here to help you.


We will maintain confidentiality and tell no one that you have contacted us.


We offer women-only safe space so you can discuss your concerns and issues with us. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we provide counselling by telephone and video online platford,s


Domestic violence covers the following:

  • Physical abuse

  • Emotional abuse

  • Forced marriage

  • Rape

  • Sexual abuse

  • Financial control

  • Coercive control

  • Female genital mutilation

  • Harmful practices which includes so-called honour-based violence


Our staff specialise in supporting women and girls experiencing emotional issues from violence and abuse.


We offer counselling in the following languages: English, Akan, Gujarati, Hindi and Sylheti.




You can contact us directly or make a referral by:


Telephone: 020 8472 0528


Please remember to use the ‘Cover Your Tracks’ tab to conceal your visit to this website.

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