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A dedicated and specialist BME women and girls project focusing on challenging the normalisation, tolerance and acceptance of violence in society and working towards independence, freedom and safety for women and girls.


The project provides young women’s keyworking services, advocacy, individual support and support groups.


The project supports young women who are at risk or who are survivors of sexual harassment, bullying and sexual abuse and exploitation.


Safety and Advocacy


Targeted information/outreach to young women and girls challenging attitudes of tolerance, acceptance and normalisation of gender violence including sexual harassment, grooming, domestic violence and sexual abuse and exploitation.


The project aims to address institutional barriers to address violence and abuse and work towards transformative processes of change.


Healing and Recovery


Individual support and support groups with young women and girls focusing on survival, recovery and healing.


The project aims to improve access to services using a pathways approach and work in ways to build up awareness and knowledge, self-esteem and confidence to break the cycle of violence.




If you are interested in information about the project and the themes we cover, or would like to make a referral, or would like to self-refer, please contact the project.


We are happy to discuss workshops and support groups under our approach.


London Black Women’s Project

661 Barking Road | Plaistow | London | E13 9EX

T: 020 8472 0528



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