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London Black Women’s Project is a specialist and dedicated organisation for BME women and girls. We support BME women and girls who experience violence and abuse and/or who are at risk.


We are committed to addressing all forms of violence against women and girls and to work towards a world that is free from violence and harm. While many of our services are grant funded, some aspects of our work require further support. Your donations can make all the difference to women, children, young women and girls.

You can make a donation through Virgin Giving or via 


Children leave their homes with often no more than the one toy they manage to grab as the door closes. The cost of providing children in the refuge with educational materials is less than £10 per child.

The cost of providing art and education materials for up to 50 young women and girls accessing support groups including materials for young women with learning difficulty is £100 per year or £2 per young woman and girl.


The majority of women fleeing domestic violence arrive at the refuge with as little as the clothes on their back. They are in need of all the basics including health and hygiene products, a change of clothing for the children, and an allowance for food until benefits can be sorted. The cost of an emergency pack for women and children to help support them when they first arrive to the refuge can be as little as £20 per woman and child.


The demand for accommodation-based refuge services is high. In Newham we refer up to 35 women per year to other refuges because of the lack of bedspace.  Sometimes women spend a night in bed and breakfast. The cost of accommodating a woman fleeing domestic violence until safe accommodation can be found is high but any support that you can give us will go towards women and children in need of emergency accommodation including women with No Recourse to Public Funds fleeing domestic violence.


Services for older women are not adequately funded. The need for befriending, support and socialisation to breakdown the isolation that women can sometimes feel is high. LBWP has been running an older woman’s support group for over 15 years with very few resources. Any amount you can give can support the continuation of this work.




We are here to support women and girls. We can help with information, housing and homelessness, safe space, healing and recovery through art, advice and advocacy, keyworking and therapeutic support.


Contact Details


London Black Women’s Project


661 Barking Road | Plaistow | London | E13 9EX


T: 020 8472 0528



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