London Black Women’s Project (LBWP) was established in 1987 as a black feminist organisation.


London Black Women’s Project was incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee on 9 June 1989. The company registration number is 2393931.


LBWP was registered as a charity on 11 February 1991. The charity registration number is 1001834.


London Black Women’s Project is a legal company with a Management Committee comprised of the Board of Directors, also known as the company’s trustees under charity law. The Management Committee serves as its executive and governing branch.


LBWP is governed by the Memorandum of Association – the company constitution which establishes the objects and powers and the Article of Association under the Companies Act 1985.


London Black Women’s Project Management Committee


Anjum Mouj | Chair


Surriya Ahmad


Palvinder Kudhail


Rena Pathak


Saika Alam


We are here to support women and girls. We can help with information, housing and homelessness, safe space, healing and recovery through art, advice and advocacy, keyworking and therapeutic support.

Contact Us 

T: 020 8472 0528

0808 2000 247

Free 24 hours National Domestic Violence Helpline

Opening Hours 

Monday to Friday

From 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

Charity Number: 1001834

Company Number : 2393931