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London Black Women’s Project is an organisation FOR BLACK WOMEN, BY BLACK WOMEN.


For black women, by black women means that our ‘project’ and its trajectory does not separate our specialist and dedicated nature from the framework and discourse on intersectionality, the significance of historical relevancy and the necessity for social change. Simply expressed, we cannot remove historical relevancy from our struggle as black women because our global environment remains hostile, non-participatory and exclusive.


We make no assumption that all black women relate and experience oppression in the same way, there is diverse narrative throughout the history and politics of black women. However, the concepts above create common ground in the expression of oppression.  


For black women means that we are a specialist and dedicated project for BME women.


We distinguish BME as women making up the protected categories of the Equalities Act 2010. These are black minority ethnic women and girls, migrant women and women with insecure immigration status.


We define black women as having a common history of struggle defined in the context of colonialism, post colonialism, imperialism, and neo-liberalism transition from the social welfare state. These states and locations are often defined as ‘third’ world’, ‘developing world’ and/or the ‘south’. Location as history suggests that political, economic and socio-cultural systems have been shaped by colonialism resulting in wealth accumulation for ‘western’ economies at the expense of colonised worlds. The common history creates the nexus for interconnectedness based on experiences of oppression defined historically. There is no homogeneity of group expression within this historical context. Not all groups and sector experienced oppression or experienced oppression in the same way.  Intersectionality as an analytical tool helps us to understand the nature, context and root of oppression and how different peoples and women and girls experience it including the experience of diaspora and the experience of forced supplanting of peoples as with the experience of slavery.


For black women, by black women is based on historical relevancy as described above.




We are here to support women and girls. We can help with information, housing and homelessness, safe space, healing and recovery through art, advice and advocacy, keyworking and therapeutic support.


Contact Details


London Black Women’s Project


661 Barking Road | Plaistow | London | E13 9EX


T: 020 8472 0528



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