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Meera Syal



Meera Syal has been patron of London Black Women’s Project (formerly Newham Asian Women’s Project) since 1996. We have had a long relationship with Meera and we know that she not only believes in the vision to end violence against women and girls, she lives it. Her example of dedication is an example we replicate at LBWP.


She is known as a celebrated comedian, actor, writer, playwright, singer, journalist and producer. She is all of these things. She is also a feminist activist, marching for the rights of women and girls, raising awareness in public fora and using her celebrity to give voice to those society prefers to remain voiceless. She has a profound impact on our work because she stands in solidarity with us and the many millions of women and girls who need services and organisations like LBWP. 


She has supported our work through her commitment to ending violence against women and girls, through her activism and through her fundraising efforts that have provided the organisation with much needed funds to support women with insecure immigration status, our young women and girls’ projects, support groups for older women and children’s work in the refuges. Meera knows the issues we work to address. She speaks with conviction.


We value her contributions to LBWP and honour her commitment and long-term collaboration with us. Long may it continue as we change and grow.


We owe Meera gratitude that cannot be expressed in words because she has helped us to laugh and to live when the reality of the work we do touches too closely to our hearts.


Thank you Meera for all that you have given to LBWP over the years. We honour you and your activist spirit and your feminist example.


Until Victory, Meera!


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