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  • Background
    London Black Women’s Project (LBWP) is a feminist organisation working in London. LBWP was set up in 1987 to provide specialist support services to BME women and their children experiencing domestic violence. The project has developed a range of services to support BME women and girls. LBWP delivers service in 5 main areas: accommodation-based services, counselling, legal advice and information, services to address sexual violence and exploitation, and support work to young women and girls.
  • Job Purpose
    The primary purpose of this post is to work in a committed and motivated way with BME women and children in the refuges by undertaking support planning and risk assessment and by supporting women through resettlement work to move on from the Refuge. The Keyworker will be qualified in safeguarding and protection including that of children. The keyworker will be an excellent record keeper and document their work to high quality standard ensuring casefiles are kept and maintained according to LBWP’s good practice guidelines. The Keyworker will manage risk using risk management tools and templates ensuring that risk is comprehensively recorded, mitigated and managed. The Keyworker will engage in their training and development ensuring that they are capable of performing in their jobs to the standards 2 required. The Keyworker will have and invest their knowledge of VAWG in frontline practice, quality standards and policy.
  • Key Responsibilities
    1. To have key responsibility in the referral and reception of BMER women and children into the refuges by documenting who is being referred, initial in-take and assessment of the referral and matching women and children to the space available ensuring that the Equality Policy of LBWP is met. 2. Process housing benefit when women first arrive at the refuge by completing and submitting their applications and undertake timely follow-up on HB claims that have been made. 3. Provide timely and consistent information to Finance regarding women moving in and out and the status of their HB claims. 4. To monitor the referrals taken and refused including reason for refusal and make this data available to the SO for quarterly monitoring. 5. To provide individualised woman-centred empowerment-based outcome approach under a framework addressing violence against women and girls which means identifying and documenting the experience of violence, identifying safeguarding issues for the woman and child protection issues for the child (where there is one), listening to the woman by providing her space and time to relate her experiences and provide her with the support she needs. 6. Document and record all support, need and risk and any other action and intervention using LBWP’s case management system using e forms, paper-based systems and online case management systems as designated by LBWP. 7. Fully document the support women have needs in the support plan in a SMART way and engage with her to meet the support needs. 8. Identify the needs she has and how you will work with her to address those needs using SMART. 9. Complete a risk management framework containing the CAADA risk assessment, SOAG and LBWP risk mitigation template and ensure all risk is followed-up and addressed. This includes safety planning. 10. Ensure that support, needs and risk are followed up with the woman and/or child(ren) in manner and frequency that results in positive outcomes for them which means, regular assessment, follow-up, record keeping, documentation, and identification and monitoring of actions delivered to meet objectives. 11. Provide individualised support to move women on by exploring their housing options, preparing them for independent living and supporting them to find housing of their own. 12. Document housing support provided in the casefiles as per LBWP standards for record-keeping and documentation. 13. Provide women and children as appropriate with all necessary and relevant information on policies and procedures of the refuge, such as confidentiality/licence agreements/house rules/aims and objectives of LBWP among other documents. 14. Ensure that women and children are welcomed and inducted to the Refuge and have an understanding of, and comply with the policies of the Refuge. This includes orientation to local facilities through information provision and any additional support to ensure they have access to the resources they need. 15. Update Health and Safety Risk Assessment, building risk assessment and any other assessment following the reporting of incidents to ensure that the Refuge risk assessments are always kept updated. 16. Ensure effective and appropriate written communication at all times, on issues relating to policies, safety, security and risk (this list is not exhaustive) to residents and staff and update files as appropriate. 17. Ensure that all written work as part of the whole of the case management system is updated in the same working day that information is available, identified and/or assessment and monitoring take place. 18. Take responsibility for the provision of all aspects of keywork support and this includes advising on and assisting with obtaining benefits, injunctions and other legal remedies, immigration rights, children and contact issues, police escorts, health housing and move-on accommodation, training/education matters, and other relevant areas. 19. Ensure completion and follow-up of all necessary forms including housing and welfare benefit forms. 20. Represent women and advocate on their behalf when dealing with outside agencies such as the Housing department, Police, DSS, Solicitors, Social Services, Health Professionals, and all other relevant agencies. 21. Offer a programme of resettlement support to women/families moving out from the refuge to independent living. At a practical level this will include assistance with claiming relevant benefits, information of connection of gas and electrical services, budgeting among other issues. At an emotional level this will include providing one-to-one support for personal development and independence (i.e. by empowering women to establish their own support networks in the community and encouraging them to identify their own training/educational/employment needs) thus ultimately encouraging them towards self-help.  Effectively manage situations where residents stay away from the Refuge ensuring their safety and security and to report and monitor where a resident take unauthorised absence from the Refuge.  Maintain updated case files with all information, notes, records, forms and templates completed to good quality standard and always compliant with risk management.  Undertake internal and external incident reporting as per risk management processes and procedures and in written form to good quality standard.  Ensure all logs including but not limited to Communications and Incidents are updated to good standard.  Be able to evict residents when policies are breached.  Ensure that Residents meetings are organised, attended and minuted to good standard.  Work at all times in the best interest of LBWP and to avoid any action that may cast LBWP and/or it activities into disrepute.  Undertake any other duty commensurate with the position of Keyworker and as required by your line manager and the Deputy Director and Director of LBWP.  Document monitoring data and ensure that it is provided in the agreed and acceptable formats for monitoring Refuge activity using standard templates.  Engage in one’s own performance management through training and development and ensure the PDP is completed as required.  Ensure written language is to good quality standard including emails and all other record keeping and documentation required of Refuge work.  Promote a culture of zero tolerance.
  • Flexibility Clause
    In order to deliver services effectively, a degree of flexibility is required and the post holder may be required to perform work not specifically referred to above. Such duties however, will fall within the scope of the job at the appropriate grade. This job description will be subjected to review with the post holder, to ensure that it accurately reflects the duties and range of the post. The aim is to improve the quality of service for BMER women and all matters relating to BMER women’s well-being.
  • General
    All posts at LBWP are subject to the availability of funding. Additionally, this post is subject to a probationary period of six months which can be extended for an additional three-month term at the discretion of the Director. To work within LBWP’s policies and procedures, for example, Child Protection Policy, Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy, Health and Safety Policy and The Confidentiality Policy. To promote good practice standards in every aspect of the work carried out by the organisation including conduct with colleagues, external agencies and service users. To carry out work in a way that ensures that all professional standards and LBWP’s Code of Ethics is upheld and practiced. To receive regular support and supervision around the duties and responsibilities outlined in this job description. To work at all times in the best interests of LBWP and to avoid any action that may cast LBWP and/or its activities into disrepute. To undertake any other reasonable duties as required by LBWP’s Senior Management Team / Management Committee.
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