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Vision of Me is a unique project which focuses on women and girls’ creative agency in the process of healing, recovery and survival.


We believe that art has healing powers through visualisation and realisation of one’s self in the universe, in nature and in society.


Women and girls have used creativity to themselves from harm and violence, to grow, learn and experience life outside boundaries that confine and control.


Women and girls have created visions and languages through their words that have shifted space, nurtured ideas and transformed how we think about ourselves and others.   


Vision of Me encourages women and girls to use their creative agency to empower themselves. Creative agency can be anything from art, written word, poetry and one act plays and other artistic forms.


The project is available to all BME women and girls.



If you wish to learn more about this project, and/or join Vision of Me or if you work with BME women and girls and feel they might benefit from this project contact:


London Black Women’s Project

661 Barking Road | Plaistow | London | E13 9EX

T: 020 8472 0528



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